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JHMS Student Center



Welcome to the JHMS Student Center

Students at JHMS have access to full time counselors, social workers and a registrar. Counselors and social workers provide a wide range of academic, behavior and social/emotional supports to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  The registrar provides information and support around student registration, scheduling, and student records. Any member of the Student Center team can be contacted by calling the main office  (307-733-4234) or via email. 


Shelly Paciulli, Registrar (Grades 6-8)

Ben Brettell, Social Worker (Grades 6-8)

Jessica Costello, Counselor (Grade 6)

Stephanie Sloan, Counselor (Grade 7)

Jamie Vargas, Social Worker (Grade 8)



Welcome New Students & Families

Registration of New Students - To register your child, please visit our Student Registration page under the Parent tab of the district website.  New students are required to provide a birth certificate, recent immunization record and proof of residency. Questions about Registration?  Please call Registrar, Shelly Paciullia at 307-733-4234 or email.