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Student Recognition Programs

Principal's Pass:
Teachers at the Middle School send students to the Principal's office for a particularly good grade on a hard test or difficult project. After the phone call home, students also get to pick out a small token from the prize tray. The smile on students' faces when the principal calls their parents to share the A on a particularly hard test is priceless and they walk away with the knowledge that
their teacher, principal and parents appreciated their hard work.
Colt Cards:
These cards are handed out to a student by any school employee for a wide range of behaviors; from good work on an assignment or test, to helping another student, to picking up trash in the hall without being asked! Students drop off their cards at the office, where, at the end of the week, two names from each grade level are drawn. These students are called to the office to pick up their prize.
Student of the Month : A monthly recognition of students by grade level teachers
  • 6TH GRADE STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Students are noted for their hard work, positive attitude, and respectful behavior towards others. Each team of teachers selects four kids who will receive a certificate during a lunch ceremony, and have their photo posted in the 6th grade hallway.  
  • 7TH GRADE STUDENT OF THE MONTH: The criteria for being a Seventh Grade Student of the Month is the same as in sixth grade.  Each teacher selects one student and they are recognized on the 7th grade bulletin board.
  • 8TH GRADE STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Students are selected with reference to one or all of the following criteria: positive attitude, great work ethic, high achievement, and/or citizenship. Student photos are displayed on a common 8th grade bulletin board and receive a Principal's Pass
  • ROTARY STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Two students are recognized each month. One student is selected by all eighth grade teachers for their academic achievement, and one student is chosen by the fine and performing arts teachers for their artistic achievement. These students and their families are invited to the Rotary Breakfast where the students will give a speech.

Quarterly Recognition Program: 
Positive recognition teaches and maintains good behavior and helps to change negative behavior in the school environment. At the end of each quarter JHMS students and staff celebrate that most of our students follow most of the rules most of the time and contribute in a positive way to the school community.  During quarterly recognition day we offer students the opportunity to choose from a menu of activities, all of which have an emphasis on FUN!  

The JHMS 200 Club:
The JHMS 200 Club encourages positive student-teacher behavior and establishes and reinforces consistent school wide expectations. Students are given a ticket from the classroom teacher and bring the ticket to the student center where they draw a number to be posted on the 200 Club board in the front hallway.  Twenty tickets in a row (in any direction) means 20 winners!  Prizes are awarded.